sábado, 28 de febrero de 2009

Millie Small - Time Will Tell (1970)

01.Melting Pot
02.My Love and I
04.Poor Little Willie
05.Give Me Tomorrow
06.White Boys
07.Enoch Power
08.Going to the Circus
09.Come and Hold Me Tight
10.Sunday Morning
11.I Couldn't Take My Love Away from You
12.No Good
13.Time Will Tell
14.We'll Meet
15.You're the Only One
16.Oh Merna
18.The Vow
19.My Desire
20.That's How Strong My Love Is
21.My Street
22.Mixed Up, Fickle, Lonely, Self-Centred, Spoiled Kind of Boy
23.Peaches and Cream
24.Ooh Ooh
25.You Better Forget
26.Three Nights a Week
27.I've Been Around
28.Honey Hush


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